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March 26, 2009

This website has really good info on playground safety and equipment

This pdf is a checklist that playgrounds must adhere to.



Newtown and Hollis Park History

March 26, 2009

This is link had a little bit of background on places in Newtown and here is the bit about Hollis Park:



Easily the most elaborate group of dwellings in Newtown, built on land purchased by Magistrate John Kettle when Bligh’s ‘Camperdown’ estate was subdivided. The houses, built in the 1880’s, formed part of an overall planned development unusual in Sydney and considered a ‘throw back’ to the planned squares of London and Brighton. Hollis Park was resumed for education purposes in 1892 but leased for a peppercorn rental to the Newtown Municipality as a playground in 1911. It is named after Robert Hollis MLA, a prominent advocate of trade unionism, who lived in Newman Street. Warren Ball Avenue is named after the prominent Newtown Councillor and businessman and Georgina Street after Kettle’s daughter.

Contact Newtown

March 26, 2009

Park Bookings

For bookings or more information on City of Sydney parks and reserves download the Park Bookings Form or contact:

Park Bookings
Tel: 02 9265 9550 / 9265 9946 / 9246 7805 
Fax: 02 9265 9180 

If you would like to use one of the City of Sydney parks for filming or a commercial photoshoot, please see the section relating toInformation for Film Production & Still Photography.

Interesting story of living in Newtown in the 60’s and 70’s

March 26, 2009


From this lady’s description there used to be a really cool old red telephone booth near the park that might be interesting to recreate.

Some Library Websites

March 26, 2009



places we need to go to for research

March 26, 2009

community centre

herritage centre

police stations

interview people using the park

research history of the house

research history of the park

why is it herritage listed

how big is it

what is the plaque about

who designed and created the play equiptment

different ethnicities in the area

who designed the park

why was it designed like this.

need to interview people who live around the park

interview buisnesses near the park

research common ethnic groups in the area

check out sinogog?  see if the area has a strong jewish inluence

research tips

March 26, 2009

who uses the park

when is it used most

does it target different audiences at different times?

does it have any ethnic significance, should it?

why questions should be changed to how,and always remember what

check out the library

who do we want to interview

be mindful of background noise when you are using a tape recorder

try not to be too leading with your questions

week 12 we need the idea finished. thats in 6 weeks

by week 7 we want all of our primary research finished and most of out secondary research done.

Pictures of Hollis park

March 14, 2009

so here are some pictures of hollis park i took.

newtown & Hollis park

March 13, 2009

Newtown Parks

Hollis Park

Hollis Park

168-184 Wilson Street
Newtown NSW 2042

Newtown’s first park, picturesque Hollis Park is surrounded by grand Victorian terrace houses. Recently restored, this neighbourhood favourite boasts sandstone heritage features, native plantings and a fenced playground.

City Of Sydney