I’m sorry I have been a little MIA lately, I was wondering what I missed on thursday? I do have a lot of research I just need to scan all of it in and it looks like a lot of what I got is similar to beck’s post as well, but I do have a great book that I will bring to class this week.

I really like the idea of monograms.. What I am wondering is what we are calling our group/project? Is the monogram for our group logo or a redesigned logo for the park? … and do we just want to call it Hollis Park? I’m not sure what everyone was thinking on that?

… would anyone like to meet up this week sometime before class? maybe meet up at the park? 


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  1. bex4 Says:

    hey sorry.
    we have to do a letter mark as part of the assessment and we arnt allowed to rename the park.
    so today between classes we worked on some lettermarks as a group ill put mine up on the blog later. maybe tonight or tomorrow.
    we also started working on the design of the park,
    we can show you in class on thurs,
    no one can meet up on wed. but i can be in at class by 8.30 on thurs if you would like to go though some things.
    nothing is set in stone or definate yet but we are playing around with designs.
    so if you have any ideas draw them up and bring them in
    or even chuck them up here.
    see ya

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