Train instead of boat?


Hi guys,

I was thinking that the park layout at the moment feels a little divided, maybe having a train that runs through the middle of the park will link all the areas together. The train will have different story book themes for each individual carriage and there will be play equipment within the train. Old steam trains are also a classic victorian icon. What do you all think?

Here’s a little sketch of my idea…



Let me know if you like it : )


2 Responses to “Train instead of boat?”

  1. bex4 Says:

    its an interesting idea. however i think the boat works well. The Park was originally designed to look over port botany. So the boat ties in with this. Also the boat was a proven success in the park and was one of the main things that people like about it so i think we should keep it.

  2. danielattard Says:

    yeah really cool idea
    but just maybe a bit too much if we have that and the boat, maybe for the next park we design we can use the train lol 🙂
    I’m going to get those perspective shots of the park real soon so we can get those drawings happening as well

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