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June 5, 2009

hey guys.

we intend on submitting our assess on the origional due date.

we need to consider printing fast.

can i please have everyones finished bits and pieces over the weekend so we can do a test print on tues and fingers crossed send it off to the printer that afternoon.




where we are upto

June 3, 2009

hey guys just an update on where we are at.

most of the layouts are finished.

we need coloured in illustrations. but the drawings are finished.

we need the mood board finished and the description for the illustrations finished.

sorry bec. i dont have it.

so if someone can write that up and email it for me that would be great.

and if we can have the mood board finished for thurs that would be great too.

we need the letter from the council aswell pex.

and dan i need those pics for the informatio design aswell.

i was playing with the editorial and i think i got it working 🙂

just a reminder

May 4, 2009

can everyone keep thinking about fonts for the mag. possibly some layouts, and names for the magazine for thursday 🙂 thanks guys.

Town Hall Archives

April 29, 2009

hey all. went to the town hall archives this morning. learnt HEAPS about hollis park. It used to be a school. anyway. ill bring all the info in on thursday.

hope ur all havign a good week.

remember to post all your process on the blog.


April 25, 2009

was thinkin of interviewing the people who live in the large pink house that has been restored opposite hollis park. That house has been put under herritage listing and i think interviewing the people and finding out why they wanted to restore it and what history they know of the area might be a nice human interest piece for our proposal and it also explores the reasons behind why we are redesignin the park the way we are.

what you guys think?

im gonna try and get in contact with the owners and set up an interview

also if anyone is trying to get to hollis park the closest station in Mcdonnaldtown. its about a 1 min walk up the hill.

just to make things a lil easier 🙂

hope your all havin a nice weekend


April 22, 2009

hey guys can you all post your process on the blog. as it makes everyones job easier in designing.

thanks and can everyone please make an effort to check the blog atleast once a day.

just a reminder we NEED 2 bring in our designs for 2morrows class.


April 16, 2009


April 16, 2009

we were thinking that a great base for our
mag would be an old school childrens story book.
maybe with the same feel as the ‘little golden books’

darling harbour playground

April 15, 2009

layout designs and letter mark designs

April 15, 2009